Antennas -the New Survive And Thrive

Whenever we come across the word antenna, the first thing that strikes to our computerized brain is a long extendable stick like device. But have you ever thought beyond it? Have you ever visualized something more than an antenna could be? We all just need to widen our eyes, shut the computerized brains and switch on the unused 97% of the human brain. Antennas are electrical devices made up of conductive metals that send or receive electromagnetic waves. There are many appliances that we are totally dependent upon in our day to day lives, be it for entertainment or any kind of official/unofficial work.We don’t even realize that these devices wouldn’t function without this basic component called antenna. We are surrounded by antennas some that we can see and identify and others that we can’t see or identify. Antenna installation exists in both indoor and outdoor places like residential buildings, homes, offices, industries, laboratories etc. Today we are going to list the different uses and applications of antennas in our homes.

Precaution needed

Indoor antennas that are installed in our homes usually need to take a few precautions since it is a radiation emitting electronic device. The antennas which are manufactured for indoor usages need to be installed inside only due to certain functions. Indoor antennas shouldn’t be installed on the roof or the window. A suitable place to install the antenna should be identified inside the house to prevent accidents. While you’re identifying a suitable place make sure that it receives a clear and strong signal from there.The higher the antenna the stronger the signal, a television needs an antenna in order to function. A television antenna is also known as a TV aerial. They are designed to receive the air-broadcast television signals. A TV cannot function without an antenna. Antennas at homes can even be found in radio systems.The type of antenna used is a dipole antenna; it is the most widely used indoor antenna. A dipole antenna is commonly known as ‘rabbit ears’ found above the radio system. One of the basic electronic devices that we humans survive on the ‘mobile phones’ also needs an antenna to work. Telecommunication is a wireless communication that works with the help of signal radiating antennas. A mobile phone radiates and accepts signals in order to function smoothly. All this is done with the help of antennas and antenna repairs Sunshine Coast are extremely important. Antennas have become a part of our living. We don’t even realize how unknowingly we are dependent upon them. Antennas are turning into needs.Navigation systems, GPS, satellite communication, radio frequency identification are some other indoor applications of antennas.